The Greater Pittston Historical Society is constantly working on projects designed to preserve and document the past, and also to bring the rich history of the area into local classrooms.  Here are some of the projects that we are currently working on that are designed to ensure that our local history always has a future.


The Our History Project

Started by the Greater Pittston Historical Society on March 9, 2008, to help create a future for our past, the Our History Initiative has four pillar programs that provide a base for projects in homes, schools, colleges, universities and communities. These are:

  1. Learning Activity Packages
  2. Digital Library
  3. Oral and Family Histories
  4. Multi Media Activities

We hope to work with community organizations, funding sources and educational facilities to introduce “Our History” to students of all ages.  Since education is key to passing on our heritage and continuation of our program, we will provide projects that can be used as supplements to current lesson plans. Internship opportunities, senior projects, community service, club and classroom activities are also available.


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