Are you a college student looking for an internship? If so, you should consider interning with the Greater Pittston Historical Society. We have intern positions available for almost every college major. Additionally, we offer extremely flexible work schedules, allowing students to complete their internship while working around hectic work and school schedules. An internship at the Greater Pittston Historical Society is a terrific opportunity for most college students.

So what’s it like interning at the Greater Pittston Historical Society? Ask Dan, one of our marketing interns…

“My internship at the GPHS has been an awesome experience. Working as an intern here has allowed me to get hands-on work experience in the field of Marketing. I design all kinds of marketing materials, like pamphlets, websites, and fliers. I also get the chance to interact directly with local business leaders, help design fund raising projects for the Historical Society, and use many of the things that I’ve learned from my business and marketing courses in a real world environment. I would highly recommend the Greater Pittston Historical Society for anyone looking for an internship.”

In addition to internship positions in Marketing, the Greater Pittston Historical Society also has immediate positions available for Education, Journalism, English, Communications, Business, Video Production, and Art majors, just to name a few. Chances are, if you are a college student, we can find a meaningful position for you in our organization. You will work in a dynamic, friendly, and hands-on workplace. At the end of the internship, you will have gained valuable work experience and have made lots of valuable networking connections.

Communication Internships
Communicating with the public, the media, and various community organizations is a key aspect of the Greater Pittston Historical Society’s operations.  As a communications intern, you will be provided with the opportunity to help coordinate our communication efforts.  You will quickly gain experience in several different areas of the communication profession by participating in projects such as…

  • Write and distribute press releases to the local and national media
  • Help facilitate various Greater Pittston Historical Society events (fundraisers, project unveilings, etc)
  • Assist with all outgoing Greater Pittston Historical Society communications
  • Work with our Marketing Interns to develop various marketing materials (posters, fliers, pamphlets, videos, etc)

Computer Science Internships
The Greater Pittston Historical Society is actively looking to use technology to help expand our reach and assist us in fulfilling our mission to provide a future for our past.  As a computer science intern, you will be provided with the opportunity to take a leadership role in these efforts.  Computer science internships at the Historical Society will involve such projects as…

  • Designing and building websites and other online materials using various programming languages (Flash, HTML, and CSS)
  • Develop applications to help integrate various databases
  • Research and make recommendations about possible future IT investments (servers, computers, applications, etc)
  • Help develop and maintain the Historical Society’s IT infastructure

English Major Internships
One of the main focuses of the Greater Pittston Historical Society is the production of various materials used to help educate the public on the history of the local area.  As an English Major Intern, you will help produce some of these materials, in addition to other projects.  Some of the things you will be working on include…

  • Write original educational articles, essays, and other publications
  • Proofread and edit existing and upcoming materials

Marketing Internships
As a marketing intern, you will be given the chance to take the skills and knowledge that you’ve developed in the classroom and put it into action.  You will be provided with many opportunities to work on exciting, dynamic projects, allowing you the opportunity to be as successful as you possibly can.  Here are some examples of the types of projects and responsibilities our marketing interns can be involved with…

  • Design direct marketing materials (posters, fliers, pamphlets, etc.)
  • Develop online marketing efforts directed at various social networking sites (Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, etc.)
  • Develop marketing materials and events to help raise funds for the Historical Society
  • Design marketing research materials (surveys, questionnaires, etc) to help gauge the impact and effectiveness of existing marketing efforts
  • Build and maintain contact databases used to help distribute marketing materials

For more information on interning at the Greater Pittston Historical Society, please contact Mr. John Dziak. He can be reached by email at

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